Bisexuality is often defined as being attracted to more than one gender, or as “attraction not exclusive to a single gender.” For this reason, “bi” or “bi+” can be used as an umbrella term that encompasses all people who experience attraction to more than one gender.

Some orientations that are often listed under the Bi+ umbrella include:
Bisexuality – attraction to more than one gender
Pansexuality – attraction to all genders
Polysexuality – attraction to many genders, but not all; polysexuality is often confused with polyamory, which is not a sexuality but rather a style of relationship in which a person has more than one romantic or sexual partner.

While these orientations may seem pretty similar, the distinction can be important to some people, which is why they are considered separate orientations under the same umbrella category.

Bisexuality and Bi+ Resources:

• The Bisexual Resource Center ( has many useful resources for Bi+ people, including educational information, events, health, and awareness resources as well as a “Bisexuality 101” page. contains resources on bisexuality such as a Q&A page, a bi 101 page, advice and help for coming out as bi, and interesting pop culture information such as bi celebrities and bi characters in fiction. It also has a helpful glossary page with definitions of different words used.

• The Trevor Project ( is an organization that provides support and suicide prevention help for LGBTQ youth. The project has a page on bisexuality which includes definitions, frequently asked questions, and debunks some common myths about bisexuality.

• The Human Rights Campaign ( has a page answering some frequently asked questions about bisexuality.

This article by Dani Leever on debunks several myths about bisexuality.

This article by Daniel Evans on interviews 4 different pansexual celebrities about their pansexuality and how they define it.

• Michigan Statue University has a page of resources for bisexuality, pansexuality, and other non-monosexual attractions.

Teen Vogue has an article by Vera Papisova about pansexuality.

The bisexual pride flag
The pansexual pride flag
The polysexual pride flag
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